Amorpho Recommends 004

Amorpho Recommends key editorial pieces that address the current state of the art world and inspire escapism.


Meet YInMn, the First New Shade of Blue in Two Centuries

The vibrant pigment, created accidentally in 2009 by chemists at Oregon State University, is now commercially available.


Life in the Post-Internet Dystopia

"The fantasy that both novels express, as a central event or a historical setting, is the end of the internet. In both, the significant factor is that the screens are dead; both feel like revenge fantasies on social media and electronic connectedness."


Lauren Halsey’s Generational Currents

"LA-based artist Lauren Halsey is doing the work. The “work” is to understand the breadth and depth of colonialism (as empire, as anti-Black strategy, as global inequity, and destruction). The “work” is to manifest worlds where bliss, liberation, and sustainability are at the foundation. The “work” ignores a finish line and, instead, offers an infinite course of actions, where the doer and the efforts being done remind you that here and now—with all its terror and chaos—is a glorious site of ingenuity."


From Medicis to Mythologies: How Sandro Botticelli Became One of History’s Most Influential Artists

It’s possible that Western art history wouldn’t have been the same without Sandro Botticelli. With members of the influential Medici family as his top patrons, Botticelli received many high-profile commissions, some of which are considered the Renaissancemovement’s best achievements.


A History of Presence

The website for Facebook Reality Labs promises that augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will soon “become as universal and essential as smartphones and personal computers are today.”