Amorpho Recommends 005

Amorpho Recommends key editorial pieces that address the current state of the art world and inspire escapism.


Six Black Artists Test the Limits of Portraiture

"The Black Index" at UC Irvine pursues knottier narratives of self-representation.


Point of no Return

Alex Kitnick on the discontent with museums.

“WHEN DISCONTENT WITH MUSEUMS is strong enough to provoke the attempt to exhibit paintings in their original surroundings or in ones similar, in baroque or rococo castles, for instance, the result is even more distressing than when the works are wrenched from their original surroundings and then brought together.”


Thoughts on Proximity, Progression and Proportion in Street Choreographics by Isabelle Bucklow

"I miss going out dancing. Dressing up in something slinky that moves when I move, wearing impractical shoes… Nowadays I just stomp about in sensible footwear. I move differently, I think we all do. I pay attention to different parts of my body. I pay attention to the space around my body."

Trisha Brown, Spanish Dance, part of Accumulating Pieces, 1973, Ink and typewriter text on paper, Walker Art Center, Miriam and Erwin Kelen Acquisition Fund for Drawings, 2015


Art Mystery Solved: Who Wrote on Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’?

The authorship of the tiny inscription, “Could only have been painted by a madman,” was disputed. Curators in Oslo say the artist definitely wrote it himself. (But why?)