Intermissions with Vitor Serrano

Vitor Serrano, “Totem da insanidade organizada para os dias que se avizinham”, [studio] Jan, 2021

What work of art has shaped you?

In 2008 I entered the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon and, simultaneously, it was the year I made a trip to Barcelona. After I was there my whole perception of the world changed. Experiencing free and libertarians spaces and living the Queer culture authentically, transformed my way of seeing and making art. Back at the Faculty, I was given references following or in agreement to the work I was producing. Therefore, there's no doubt Nan Goldin is an artist who shaped my work, and so did Visual Aids by AA Bronson.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment I am preparing an individual piece. But the moment is quiet. It is in preparation, waiting for time to allow it.

Is solitude an important part of being an artist?

Loneliness is not at all an important part of being an artist. Solitude can be for some a methodology. For me it is sometimes a resource, sometimes a block. It is a romance.